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Netgear Router Firmware Update

Netgear router firmware update increases the functionality, stability as well as performance of your router. Not only the most up-to-date firmware fixes bugs but also it potentially adds new and improved features to your device. It is important to perform Netgear router update to make the device operate and function well.

Netgear regularly releases new firmware updates to enhance their router’s performance. When you access portal, a firmware notification appears at the top side whenever the new firmware is available. Just click on that notification to upgrade your Netgear router firmware.

Netgear Router Update

Using Web Interface

You can use the router web interface for Netgear router firmware upgrade. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open any web browser from your PC, laptop or mobile device.
  • Access the router’s web user interface using
  • Once the login window displays, enter the username and password. In case you forgot the admin password, contact the experts 1-877-800-6576 and get immediate help for password recovery.
  • Now, click on the Check button under the Admin section.
  • It will check whether the new Netgear router firmware is available or not.
  • If available, hit the yes button.
netgear router installation

Once the Netgear router firmware has uploaded and updated, the router will restart. However, you must reconfigure your wireless router after Netgear router upgrade.

Netgear Firmware Update


If you want to manually perform Netgear firmware update on your Netgear router, follow these instructions:

netgear router troubleshooting
  • First and foremost, download the latest version of Netgear router firmware update on your desktop.
  • Once done, navigate to the Netgear router setup wizard or web user interface through a web browser.
  • Click on the Netgear router update option.
  • Upload the downloaded Netgear router firmware file.
  • Now, your router will reboot after uploading the firmware file. In case your router doesn’t reboot, check the Router Status page to verify if the new firmware version is successfully uploaded or not.

Netgear Firmware file not downloading? Call the experts 1-877-800-6576 now!

Netgear Router Firmware Update

Using Desktop Genie App

Last but not least, you can even use the desktop genie application for Netgear router update. Once you open the genie app, it displays a message if the new version is available. In case it doesn’t show any message, you can manually check for the new Netgear router firmware and upgrade it with the desktop genie software. Here are the steps to get the job done:

  • Click on the router settings menu on genie app.
  • The router login page will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the username and passphrase.
  • Click on the next button followed by Netgear router firmware update.
  • Finally, click on ok button to complete the update process.
netgear router troubleshooting

That’s it! In this way, you can upgrade the firmware on your Netgear router using the genie software. If you face any issue during the Netgear router firmware update process, contact the highly-experienced technicians at toll-free 1-877-800-6576 and get prompt yet reliable technical assistance.

R7000 Firmware Update Failure

Most of the users get issues while updating Netgear R7000 firmware. We have got numerous queries regarding this. Customers complain that – when I started updating the Netgear router firmware for my R7000, firstly I got a message saying ‘a new firmware version is found. Do you want to update?’. But when I clicked on yes button, I got an error pop-up i.e. ‘GUI Language File is Invalid’.

Also, some users say that – a recent firmware upgrade to my Netgear WiFi router has now made it be unusable. I can’t connect to the router via the admin web interface, even trying to reset the device but it’s also unsuccessful.

Well, we have got the answers to all such queries. If you also get the R7000 firmware update failure issue, just try these Netgear router troubleshooting steps:

  • Power off and unplug the modem.
  • Turn off the router as well as computer.
  • After two-three minutes, plug in the modem and turn it on.
  • Next, power on the router and then the computer.
netgear router setup

Once done, repeat the router firmware update steps given above on this page.
Another possible reason is that the firmware is corrupted. It happens when there is a wireless connection between the router and PC. Therefore, ensure to use an Ethernet cable to connect the computer to router and then upgrade the Netgear firmware.

But how do you know that the firmware is corrupted? Well, just use the ping command followed by This is called pinging process. Invalid responses of the pinging command signify the corrupted firmware.

Still bothered by Netgear Router Firmware Update Failed error?
Contact the qualified technicians at 1-877-800-6576 and get easy troubleshooting tips.

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